Filipino Americans – Are They Saint Saints?

In what has become known as the “Patron Saints of Nothing” in Manila, Philippines, there are actually a lot of people who are involved in different activities that include drugs and prostitution. While there have been stories about some of these individuals, there are also others that are being protected by the government as well. This is why the anti-drug campaign that the government is conducting has created such a stir in the Philippine society. This is a fact that not only the government but also individual families and individuals are very much worried about this problem.

patron saints of nothing

One of the patron saints of nothing in the Philippines is the Bagpipes, which are also known as the kneecaps of Christ. These kneecaps were traditionally made from wood or metal and they have a very interesting history that is tied to the Philippines. The story of the Bagpipes is a very old one that date back almost a thousand years ago. The story goes about a group of Filipinos that would go to churches and sacrifice their own lives so that they may be able to carry out God’s will. Through the years, the Bagpipes have been replaced by modern day bells and pipes.

Another patron saint of nothing in the Philippines is the Filipino American, also known as the Filipino American Taurendo. As you may be aware, the name Taurendo comes from the Spanish words Ta (term for tooth) and canon (church). So basically, when Taurendo is pronounced, it means “in the church”. This Saint is closely connected to the Filipino drug war which has been happening in the country for decades now. It is said that Filipino American drug dealers began forming their own kind of gang, which became the precursor of today’s Abu Sayyaf terrorist group.

Other patron saints of nothing in the Philippines are the Moro and the Bagpipes. The Moro is a religious community that preaches brotherhood and love to all. The Bagpipes are a religious society that preaches truth and honor and their religion is based on religion and principle.

Other patron saints of nothing in the Philippines include the Catholic Church, theathiopian community, the Taiwanese community, and even Americans. The Filipino Americans who made peace with the occupying Japanese soldiers during World War II are often honored with the Moro and the Bagpipes. They were considered as heroes of the Filipinos because they refused to join the occupiers. These days, there are many families and groups that choose to follow this path so that they can live in peace.

Another of the Philippine patron saints of nothing is Randy Ribay. Known as the “Randy the Explorer” or “Randy the Kid” in America, Randy is the inspiration for many kids who nowadays dream of becoming an explorer or an astronaut someday. The youngest Explorer is now the Director of a Satellite TV network. It was through Randy’s example that the younger generation is now more open-minded and accepting of others. Aside from these, the other patron saints of the Philippines are Filipino cricketers, singer Maynard Philares, actor Elvis Fresco, and several others who have left their mark on the world stage.

Today, Randy is happy watching his cousin’s drug war against corruption in the Philippines. He is now hoping to see the success of his cousin in becoming President of the Philippines. Others also see the friendship between Randy and cousin Samboanes as an encouragement for the youth to follow their dreams. Although it might seem hard to believe that a cousin would be the patron saint of nothing, it is true.

The existence of patron saints of nothing has been present since time immemorial. In the case of the Filipino Americans in the United States, they were recognized as the members of the American revolution. In other instances, it could be Cesar Montalto or Gil Leyte. All these people shared the same ideals of helping their fellow man while staying true to their own core values of serving humanity. They are truly unique individuals who deserve our respect as one of the few remaining true Americans in the world today.

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