Don’t Misunderstand The Pope

Pope Francis

Don’t Misunderstand The Pope, He Has Been Called The Messiah By The Pastors And Leaders Around The World

During his time in Argentina, Pope Francis is attending to the welfare of those that are in desperate need. With all the world’s problems, one has to ask why someone of such enormous stature does not act against the powers that be. After all, he holds the Vatican in such esteem that he seems like a revolutionary.

You have to wonder what his human side is doing all the while. He is making sacrifices for the people of the Philippines. With his ongoing initiative to bring more happiness and prosperity to the people of the Philippines, can you really blame him?

His public appearances on the world cup have been attended by soccer players from the United States, England, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, etc. Why is it that despite having the wealth to purchase the best players the world cup never offers so much as a whisper from him?

How can this man, who knows the world cup, fail to want to attend the international championships? It has been in his life’s mission to be the intercessor of the poor of the world. With so many interested in his company, there is no way he would miss the world cup!

There are great men in the world. You have to ask why a man of such stature would opt out of the opportunity to bring light to the problems that face so many of his fellow man. The answer is simple; he has not been told of the power that is in him.

A great man has the power to change the destiny of the world. He can make the big picture in the world better. He can influence many in the way they think.

In a recent book, entitled “The Power of Influence: How Great Leaders Change History”, author John D. Rockefeller Sr. states that only a few men in history actually became great leaders because of their talents, but all of them were driven by their personal needs. A true leader is a person who acts on behalf of others. In other words, he becomes a servant of others first before becoming a master himself.

This is what will truly influence events, not the absolute power of any single individual, but his will to make others better than they are today. A man that desires to effect a change in the destiny of mankind will always be a great influence.

Of course, Pope Francis is not a perfect man, but in his efforts to help the poor, it can be said that he is a person who cares about the needs of the poor in the world. With so many worthy causes for his charity, why does he not make them a part of his world cup events?

Of course, the Pope is never going to quit or complain about the world cup if it did not give him the opportunity to change the destiny of humanity. Instead, it would be just another chapter in the great story of a life that was touched by the people.

If the Pope did not feel so close to the struggles of those that were unable to reach the soccer pitch, then perhaps he would have been less compelled to attend the world cup in the first place. With all the challenges and difficulties facing mankind, it would be more beneficial to ask the Pope why he has not called on the rich and powerful to help the needy, rather than complaining about how he can not attend the world cup.

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