Catholic Saints For Kids

Finding Catholic saints for kids that you can pray to might be a daunting task. They are much more popular and famous than their adult counterparts, and if you have not heard of them before, it is easy to think they are quite unimportant. But some children have a greater need for personal and spiritual guidance than their parents.

Parents often get the blame for the lack of spirituality in their children. But children may not know how to find the real source of God’s love or wisdom. These people can offer your child the comfort they need, help them identify who God is in a new way. By praying to the saints, your child will be strengthened in their faith and opened to a new life of happiness and joy.

Prayer for the saints is considered very important by many religions. However, these beliefs are not always held to the same level by other faiths. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Saints are not simply a list of names or a symbol of religion. They are actually people who lived in the past who went on to live an important role in the Church’s life.

There are six points of importance that these individuals were important to the religious group that they served. Each of the six points of importance correspond to one of the major themes in the Catholic faith.

The first point of importance is the purity of the Virgin Mary. All Catholic children know the importance of the Virgin Mary and how her purity and holiness were instrumental in bringing Jesus Christ into the world.

The second point of importance is the Sacraments. The Blessed Mother was often portrayed as holding and worshipping the Holy Sacrament, while the Lord went out to speak with people. In the Bible, we find that Jesus and the Mother of God performed a series of miracles to show their approval of the holy mysteries.

The third point of importance is the Mother of God. The Catholic Church has identified Mary as the Mother of God. Every Catholic child knows about the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.

The fourth point of importance is the Patron Saint. The Virgin Mary is known as the Patroness of the Church.

The fifth point of importance is Mercy. We all know that there is no part of the Catholic doctrine that is less important than mercy.

The sixth point of importance is the Spiritual Mother. Catholics consider the Virgin Mary the Spiritual Mother of Jesus. All Catholics know that Jesus is the only Son of God and the only begotten Son of His Father.

If you can find a child that is confused or in doubt about the things that happen in their lives, bring them to Mass to pray to the saints. Their needs will be satisfied by these spiritually gifted people.

We invite you to search for those prayers in your parish where your child can pray to the saints. Catholic saints for kids are a great source of hope and healing.

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