Catholic Saints For Kids

Catholic saints for kids

For your child’s devotion to the church, there are many wonderful and exciting ways to learn about Catholic saints. Coloring books can be an effective way to introduce them to a particular saint’s life and virtues. Coloring books can be found at the link below. Saint videos are another great way to engage your child in this topic, particularly in a media-filled world. By following some simple rules, you’ll be able to teach them about the lives of their favorite saints.

There are over 10,000 different Saints in the Catholic Church, with specific Saints for different occasions, needs, and ages. Popular Catholic saints for kids include those with interesting lives and whose influence is particularly noteworthy on children. These saints are great role models for Catholics of all ages and occupations. And while they don’t necessarily have to be living in the present, they represent a timeless and inspirational message for everyone.

The main patron of children is St. Nicholas of Myra, whose hundreds of churches are dedicated to him. As the giver of gifts, he inspired Santa Claus. However, St. Nicholas isn’t the only Catholic saint with children under his care. Read about their lives by clicking on their saint tiles. They can help your child understand the significance of their faith and the role that these saints play in their lives.

Theodosia was an orphan who was abandoned by her parents. She was given to an uncle who later became a Jesuit. She was also a martyr and a saint of the early Church. Her veneration spread to Rome in the sixth century. Her grandson Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus, a Jesuit, is the founder of the Catholic Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread the Catholic faith to children.

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