Cat Care 101 – Making Sure You Have The essentials

You’ve probably heard this before: “chip off the old cat and put in a new one.” The thinking goes that if you give a young cat of a different color cat care 101 will automatically change his or her behavior and become more loving and acceptable. While it is true that cats do, indeed, learn through negative stimuli, there is more to it than that. If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten or a younger cat, be aware that their behavioral patterns may not be completely altered by a switch in the litter box placement, for instance. Training is a matter of consistency and repetition, and a new cat will pick up on your lessons faster than an older cat.

cat care 101

Caring for cats may be more involved than you think; especially if you plan to house train them. A cat with a clipped coat may not necessarily need daily grooming; in fact, you may not even need to brush them at all! Grooming your cat will allow you to detect any hair loss or matting on their skin, as well as the fine lines and wrinkles that appear after the initial declawing. Regular brushing will keep their coats shiny and looking healthy.

Caring for cats begins with a basic understanding of their individual needs and quirks. A cat’s food dishes will need to be replaced every couple of weeks and must be washed thoroughly after each use. Water bowls must be changed weekly, but be sure to rinse them properly in hot water to remove any soap residue. Be prepared to clean out the litter box each day as well, particularly if your cat has a favorite litter box or favorite food dish. Also, it is important to keep water bowls and food dishes out of the reach of your cat in case they swallow small pieces that fall from their feeders.

Your cat will also need to have its regular vaccinations, which can be obtained at any local veterinarian office. Be sure to ask the vet regarding any special diets or vitamins your cat might need to maintain good health. You should also purchase a few extra canned food or dry food packets at your local pet store, in case you find that your cat does not prefer one brand over the other. There are also some very good brands of canned food that can be washed and re-washed without harm to your cat’s delicate digestive tract.

After a week or two of normal activity, your cat should be eating only dry food dishes and water bowls. As it becomes accustomed to eating on its own, you can gradually introduce canned food dishes or styptic powder into its diet. Scratching is never recommended as this can cause severe damage to your cat’s skin, as well as his paws and underbelly. Once your cat has become accustomed to its new food dishes and water bowls, you can gradually move it to using a slatted food tray. This will also encourage grooming habits.

Brushing your cat each day should be done while standing. The front paw should be brushed in circular motions using a firm grip. Brushing your cat’s head, however, should be done on a gentle side. You can use the same brush for brushing its ears as well.

Some cats require a bit more patience when it comes to litter box habits. However, once you find the perfect place for your cat, it should become a breeze. There are many catnip toys available that will make your litter box cleaning job much easier. If you do not own a catnip plant yourself, you can buy your catnip from a pet store or even with an online vendor. Cats naturally love catnip, so placing some catnip near the litter box will make it much easier to keep your cat from eliminating in a different area. Try sprinkling some catnip on the litter box floor before putting your cat in the box.

If you decide to buy catnip instead of purchasing it at a store, you will probably want to pick up a couple of bags of catnip from a bulk lots or farm sales. The dried flower heads of catnip can be placed around the house as a natural deterrent against mice and other rodents. There are also several different varieties of cat grass available. Cat grass is less expensive than most other catnip products and it is also tastier.

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