Arizona Vacation Part One

It has been so refreshing to get away from the cold winds of Spokane and travel down to the beautiful state of Arizona.  The kids were troopers during the ride down here.  We had our DVD player running with Disney movies and Nick Jr. television shows for Monkey and Bear.  The older three kids had educational workbooks, books to read and their portable electronic devices to keep them occupied on the road.  I usually take a photo of the kids in the van when we go on a road trip, but I forgot to do that this time.  Maybe I will share a photo of them on the ride home.

The drive down was very scenic. I brought a book to read, but once we crossed the Arizona boarder I had to put it down and soak in the beauty of this great country that we live in.

The Arizona sunset

Amazing red sandstone rock formations are all over the western United States, but the most fascinating of them are in Sedona in north central Arizona. I was able to capture a few of these formations on the drive down to Phoenix. 

Yesterday was our first full day in Phoenix. We spent the morning in the tourist town of Scottsdale.  There is plenty to do in downtown or “Old Town” Scottsdale.  Shops and art galleries line the streets with brick paved sidewalks.  Little Bear and Monkey enjoyed the bumpy stroller ride over the sidewalks. 

The kids loved looking at the unusual and creative artwork displayed in the gallery windows.  We loved the historic look of Old Town Scottsdale.

“Old Town Scottsdale is a shining example of why Scottsdale is the “West’s Most Western Town.” With original buildings from the late 1800′s to the early 1900′s, this block is where Scottsdale was founded. From the first general store (now Bischoff’s Shades of the West) to Scottsdale’s first bank (now the Rusty Spur), history buffs, shoppers, and bar hoppers alike will fall in love with Old Town’s charm. ”

Kitty in Scottsdale, Arizona

After lunch back at our hotel we enjoyed a leisurely couple of hours by the pool.  It is so nice to be in sunny 80+ degree weather.

Today we are going on an adventure hiking through a scenic trail in Phoenix.  I am excited about what the day will bring!

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