Yes I am using a one word title for this post.  I thought about titling it, “Yesterday was Plain Awful,” but that reminds me too much of a song from little orphan Annie.  It is true, yesterday was plain awful.  What started out to be an exciting first day of school ended with one tired, exhausted  Mamma. By six-o-clock I was ready to just give up.

Taking care of the kids can get tiring but usually I get a few breaks and am able to find a little time to myself.  When they are well they do most things for themselves. I encourage my kids to become more independent and help out around the house.  For the most part I get my way. But not yesterday.
It all started when Parrot and little Bear woke.  Parrot said, “Mom I am super tired.  I think I slept too much last night.”
I said, “Honey, it is the first day of school and I don’t want you to miss it. Maybe if you do a few jumping jacks it will help you wake up a bit.”  
I then used my Love and Logic and gave him some choices. I asked him if he wanted me to help him get out of bed and get dressed or if he wanted to do it himself.  When he chose help from me I knew something was wrong. After taking his temp I learned that he had a low grade fever.  Crap, I thought. It is the first day of school the day I celebrate and get somewhat of a break and my bright little boy, the star student of his school is sick.  Instead of making him stay home I gave him some Tylenol and sent him off on the bus to school.  This probably was not a very good idea.  
After the kids left for school and Chris left for work, I noticed that little Bear wasn’t himself either.  Crap! I thought again.  When my kids get sick they always get sick in twos. I think they conspire against me.  This was probably the conversation Parrot and Bear had the other night.
Parrot: Hey, little Bear. Let’s make Mom really mad.
Bear: Okay. 
Parrot: Let’s get sick together.
Bear: Okay.
Parrot: I’ll eat some dirt with lots of germs on it then get something to drink and we can share the same cup. That way we will both get the germs and get sick together.  
Bear: Okay.
So that is exactly what they did yesterday.  Little Bear threw up his breakfast and had a temperature of 101. Then right around lunch time I got a phone call from the health aid at Parrot’s school.  Just as I suspected. He too, threw up his breakfast in the school cafeteria of all places.  Parrot also had a temperature of 103. So he will be home from school today as well.  
Today my girls will go to school and I will be home with my three boys. Hopefully, they will start to feel better and I will not be as tired as I was yesterday.  

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