Our Calendar is Full

Yesterday I decided to try to get more organized and updated my blogging calendar instead of writing in my blogs.  Was that a mistake? I sure hope not. Today a more motivated, energized and organized me has returned to the world of blogging and social media.

The Talbert Zoo family calendar is also filling up fast for the month of April.  On April 5 we leave for our spring break vacation. Chris decided that he is sick and tired of the long cold winter we had this year so he’s taking us south.  Our final destination will be Phoenix, Arizona with stops in Salt Lake City and the Grand Canyon.  I am super excited because I’ve never been to Phoenix and I am looking forward to hot, dry weather and relaxing by a pool.  But there is so much preparation to do before we leave.

I still need to go through the kids’ summer clothes, pack and make the healthy snacks for the trip.  I am pretty sure that Kitty and Parrot are going to need new clothes.  I have a box of Monkey’s old 3Ts from last year that should fit Bear.  I think Parrot’s old summer clothes which are still in his dresser should fit Monkey now.  I love being able to pass down my boys’ clothes to their younger brothers.  It saves a lot of money every year.

Kitty has grown two inches since the beginning of the school year so Chris thinks she needs a new swim suit.  Now that she is eight I don’t think she is going to let Mom pick out new clothes. So I need to find time in my busy schedule to take her shopping.

Once we get back it will be Holy Week and then Easter.  Spring soccer starts on April 14, which is the Tuesday after we get back.  Monkey and Kitty are in soccer this year.  That following weekend is Easter and I haven’t a clue what we are going to do yet.  It will probably be a quiet celebration with the kids finding their Easter baskets in the morning, then mass, photos of the kids outside (weather permitting), an Easter egg hunt in the back yard and a family dinner later.  We’ll probably dye Easter eggs on Holy Saturday.

Parrot also has 3 events for Cub Scouts scheduled in April.  We missed a bunch of Cub scouts outings this past month because his den leader just up and moved to Texas without telling anyone. The only way we ever found out about meetings was by text messaging him.  When he failed to message us back I got a little concerned. I found out about last night’s meeting by speaking to another parent after school a couple of days ago. Otherwise, I would not have known that they had a pack meeting last night.  For some weird reason the Pack leader did not have our correct contact information. That’s why we had no idea what was going on. But now we are in the loop and ready to get involved with Cub Scouts again.  Parrot is going to visit a local television station with his den, go on a hike and they have a big dinner for the whole pack.

My in-laws are also driving up to visit us next month. It just happens to be the same weekend of the Cub Scouts dinner and prom.  Because Goose is a junior this year she really wants to go to prom.  I just hope she can find a good friend that will go with her.  The girls that she has been socializing with at school have been pretty mean to her.  We are still thinking about prom.  I hope she is able to go, but I am not looking forward to that crazy, busy weekend.

What are your plans for April? Are you as busy as I am?

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