I Just Want to Be Left Alone

Do you ever get that feeling? Maybe I should clarify. You wake up one morning after a sound 8 hours of sleep, but you still just feel overwhelmed and plain tired. This was the status message I recently posted on Facebook.

Moving across the country and adjusting to a new community is exhausting. There are boxes to unpack, a home to organize, new people to meet, new places to see and a whole new set of roads to learn how to drive on.  Plus add five crazy kids and a husband who is hardly ever home and you get my Facebook status.

I just want to be left alone.  I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do, how to raise my kids, how to unpack or not unpack my boxes for my new home.  I am beat and I just want to do things my way.

Today I finally got Goose registered for school. We still have outstanding fees to pay at her old school so they were unable to send her official transcript to the new school, but she has a schedule and is ready to start on August 25. However, I had to take my four naughty little kids along. I let them play with their kindles and two out of four kids behaved.

At that meeting which lasted an hour we learned that Goose has to be back on Wednesday.  In the morning between 7am and noon she has to go to new student orientation and in the afternoon she has to go to late registration.  Hopefully, I can just drop her off and leave the little ones at home. If not then Grandma and Grandpa have to drive down to watch them.

My mom wants me to call the church and find a babysitter for Wednesday morning.  She said that the church should have a list of available babysitters in the area.  The problem is, I don’t have money to pay a sitter nor the time and energy to make one more phone call.  I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do. I just want to do things my way. Wait, I think I may have already said that.

I need to take things one step at a time otherwise I get overwhelmed and depressed.  I  can only handle so much at once and I made one hell of a lot of phone calls this morning. Locking myself in my bedroom to make more phone calls is not on the agenda.

Tomorrow I need to search for doctors’ clinics in Crystal Lake that accept the state health insurance. In the State of Illinois kids have to have physicals and forms filled out by Illinois registered physicians before they can go to school. New families to the state have 30 days to get these health forms turned in to their childrens’ schools.  We got approved for health insurance. Now it is time to find a doctor.

Maybe I will be less tired tomorrow and won’t mind hanging out with my children.

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