A Return to Normality?

Last week the trial that Chris was on the jury for ended.  This week we returned to normality at the Talbert Zoo. If you can even say that our home is normal.  Chris traveled to Reno for work and left on Tuesday morning.  And the kids have had a relatively normal school week.

We got dumped with heavy snow on Monday afternoon, night and into Tuesday morning. The schools were on a two hour delay Tuesday so the plows could clear the roads before the buses went out.

Chris and I love to shovel the snow for the same reason; its good exercise.  Monday he shoveled three times and every time I offered because I wanted the exercise. It was then we found out that’s why we are nearly fighting over who gets to shovel.  So, Tuesday I got my opportunity to clear the driveway and get a good work out too. I was a little jealous that Chris got to go out and shovel three times the day before.

Going outside to shovel snow is quite therapeutic.  Not only does it help build muscles, it also gives me a break from the stress of the home.  I love my children, but sometimes they get on my nerves and I need to get away from them.  The clutter and disorganization that my kids create indoors increases my anxiety.  When I don’t have time nor the motivation to clean up after them I’d rather just escape and get away.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather so I can spend more time outdoors. My body is craving the sunshine and vitamin D.

I miss this.

And this.

And of course this.

I think we are going to have to go somewhere warm for spring break.  Are you sick and tired of the long, cold winter?

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