What Causes Hair Pulling Disorder In Kids?

The causes of hair pulling disorder in children are many and there is no definite explanation of why the disorder begins in an individual. It may begin in one way or another when they are young, but most likely it starts with some sort of trauma. One reason is that children will be traumatized during some traumatic events like abuse or being left alone by a parent.

hair pulling disorder in kids

For some reason as a result of the traumatic event or stress, they will have a hard time dealing with it, and as a result they will develop the problem of pulling off their hair. One of the reasons for this disorder is because the child is trying to control what is going on around them, which in turn makes him feel better.

Another reason for pulling off of their hair is to get attention and try to be accepted by their peers. This is a very common behavior among children, so they will do it all the time.

When you look at the causes of hair pulling in kids, there are many different factors that lead up to it. Sometimes it has been seen that children who do not have a close relationship with their parents are more prone to pull off of their hair. Also, children who are abused will have more trouble dealing with their problems, which will also lead to hair pulling in kids.

Some psychological factors that could be behind this disorder are depression, anxiety and even drug abuse. The child is probably not going to be able to put his finger on it is hard to diagnose the cause of the problem.

You can easily treat the disorder in kids. If the parents are willing to accept their child and help them out then the chances of the children getting over this problem are much more. Some treatments include psychotherapy, medication and even psychoanalytical sessions. The first step in treating this disorder in kids is having the parents come and see the child, and that is the most important thing in this.

There are also behavioral modification techniques that are used to stop this behavior. They involve giving the child certain commands and rewards in order for them to behave properly and stop doing the behavior.

As time goes by, the child’s behaviors are going to change and he is going to be able to control his emotions and be able to deal with situations that might make him upset. This is definitely a good start in the treatment of this disorder in kids.

Hair pulling in kids usually occurs when the child is being criticized or being picked on, which can make him angry. So the best way to get rid of this behavior is by using these techniques. The problem can be resolved once the child sees that his behavior is affecting everyone around him.

When you take the child to see a psychiatrist for treatment, it is always better to bring along with you some toys that make them laugh. this way the child will get some relief from the pain that he is feeling. going through, which is pulling his hair out.

Behavioral modification techniques in therapy could include talking about the root cause of the problem, learning how to handle yourself when you feel sad, frustrated and dealing with problems in your social life. One of the best things that you can learn is how to manage stress in life. This way you will know when you are in an upsetting situation and what to do when you need to calm down.

In therapy you should be taught how to use positive thinking and what to say when you want to pull your hair out. It might also involve some self-help methods that would help you cope with this problem effectively.

All in all, the best way to handle this problem is to have the parents participate in the treatment of their child and to involve both the parents in the therapy process and also the child in the behavior modification techniques. When they work together, they will learn how to overcome the disorder. Behavior modification techniques will make them realize how the problem came about, how they made the problem worse and what to do to solve this problem.

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