Memorial Day Weekend and Kitty Humor

The Talbert Zoo survived yet another Memorial Day weekend.  Despite the crappy weather we have been having out here in Spokane, Chris still managed to clean out the garage on Saturday and serve a tasty meal on the grill that evening and Sunday night.
Chris is the master chef at the zoo.  He serves up some delicious and healthy meals for us and our little animals.  On Saturday he grilled turkey burgers and hot dogs and Sunday he grilled chicken legs with home made tomato-free barbecue sauce (Parrot is allergic to tomatoes).  Maybe I will be able to convince him to share his recipes and cooking secrets here on  But for now all I can say is that he certainly spoiled us with yummy dinners all weekend long.
The chicken legs that he served Sunday night were pretty messy.  Goose got barbecue sauce all over her face so I jokingly said, “You should wear a bib.”  So Kitty got up, went into the kitchen and attempted to place a bib around her sister’s neck upon returning to the dining room table.  I couldn’t help myself.  I laughed and said, “That’s my girl!” She certainly has my sense of humor.
So I am going to leave you all with a funny video that Kitty made this weekend.  I hope it makes you laugh or just smile!


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