A Guide to Kids with Special Needs

special needs

Understanding Kids with Special Needs Special needs is a rather wide term and every circumstance is unique. It isn’t easy, but working with kids with special needs can be rewarding. Whether you previously know, or only believe your little one may have special medical needs, finding the suitable medical professionals greatly enhances your capacity to take care of your kids. Special education is regarded as a service, instead of a place as integration was demonstrated to lower stigma and improve academic performance for the majority of students. A number of…

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The Nuiances of Cat Care Tips

Keeping Your Cat Happy and Healthy How do you keep your cat happy? It means a full belly, a lot of attention and of course, a shiny, healthy, well-groomed coat. When it has to do with cat care, not many cat owners think to provide their cat a bath. The ideal house cat care is among the main subjects for responsible and loving cat owners to be careful of. Cat health insurance is a package intended for the pet lovers who desire to give that additional comfort for their pets.…

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A Guide to Kids Books

kids books

The Appeal of Kids Books A few of popular kids books are classics. These books cover basics like alphabet, colors, shapes etc.. Many of them have digital versions. You can even read these books right within your browser. Be sure you’ll discover several books the little one likes within the book situation. There are new books added on a standard basis, and books and author information are incredibly simple to discover and read. While the choice of early-level books is limited, the supply is continuously changing. Finding good books to…

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What is Autism?

autism awareness

The Essentials of Autism That You Will be Able to Learn From Beginning Right Away People with low functioning autism may find it difficult to find work.  One in 59 children are diagnosed with low-functioning autism.. It can be a whole-body condition. It is a kind of neurodevelopmental disabilities. It is not only an educational issue, but it is also a medical one. It is a developmental disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. Check with the pointers given below for a clearer comprehension of how to work…

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What’s the Difference Between Autism and Depression

Autism and Depression

Autism specifically is defined as a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. This is a disorder that can not be cured, however, treatment can help to assist with the symptoms that come along with this disorder. Whereas, depression is classified as a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and can interfere with your daily functioning.

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Is Tomorrow Really October 1?

Where has September gone? Just yesterday I was sitting out on the deck drinking a glass of wine while the kids played in the back yard. Actually that isn’t true. Yesterday it rained all day.  I drank a glass of wine while I watched the Bears/ Vikings game with Chris. I am a Packer fan so I don’t even know who won that game.  September flew by.  The years seem to go by faster and faster as I get older.  Sometimes I wish I could reverse time and be ten…

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Depression is Real and I am at an All Time Low

Today is the first day of fall and I am falling fast.  I feel like a failure and 2019 has not been a good year for me.  I am about to just give up, or better yet dig a hole and crawl in it. I just want to disappear. My misery began on August 6, 2019.  When I woke up the next morning I checked my bank account and noticed that someone stole $1,709 from me.  This person left me with $5 in my savings account and 25 cents in…

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Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

It has been a while since I have written here.  Sometimes life happens. We get busy with kids, school, summer, vacations, deaths in the family and who knows what else.  My life is crazy and busy. But, I am going to try harder to write on the Talbert Zoo more often.  I have “Publish to the Talbert Zoo,” on my to-do list for Mondays.  I promise to keep that schedule.  Only time will tell if I can stick with it. Now back to the main topic of this post. Why…

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Stress is a Six Letter Word

Yes it is and I have been suffering from high levels of this six letter word. It seems like it just will not go away. It follows me around whispering, “I am going to get you.” I use my weapons of wine, chocolate, the rosary and playing the SIMS, but I lose every time. Taking an afternoon nap with my cat doesn’t squash it either. Stress sneaks up on me when it is time to pay the bills. It snickers when my husband complains that the dishes were not done…

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I am Back to Blogging – Happy New Year 2018

I am back! After taking a year off to finish writing my book I am finally back to updating this blog and writing articles for my online magazine, The Healthy Moms Magazine. My manuscript is complete and it is currently going through the editing process. I  will let all of you know when it will be published as soon as I can. I am excited, relieved and nervous about getting my first book published. If it is a success there will be more to come. What have we been up…

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