Cascia Talbert for D47 Board of Ed

My name is Cascia Talbert. I am a professional writer, and I published my first book in 2018. I am also a mom to five amazing special needs children. 3 of whom attend D47 schools. My husband and I moved our family from Spokane, WA to Crystal Lake in 2014. We chose Crystal Lake because of the great schools. As a non-educator, I am quite different from all the other candidates. I am not running for board of education because it will look good on my resume. I am not…

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League of Women Voters of McHenry County Hosts Candidate Forum for D47 Board of Ed

I was honored to participate in a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of McHenry County.  The forum took place over zoom and recorded last night at 6pm.  The League of Women Voters were very professional and I learned a lot from participating. The biggest takeaway I got was that I am very different from all the other candidates and they are very much the same.  I got the impression that some of the educators running feel like they are deserving of a position on the board…

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D47 Announces Opening of Elementary Schools After Spring Break

D47 Opens Elementary Schools   Yesterday Superintendent Dr. Kathy Hinz announced in a video that the elementary schools in D47 will be open for full time in person instruction after spring break. There have been mixed reactions from parents. Most parents are happy for the elementary kids who will finally be in school for full time in person instruction. But once again the district has disregarded the needs of middle schoolers. The middle school students have been overlooked this year. They were the last ones to return to school in…

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Cat Care Tips : How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy


Cat Care Tips   While the subject of cat care is a popular one with cat lovers, there is a lot that goes into the grooming of your feline friend. Many cat owners do not realize the value that their cat puts into good grooming, and the benefits to you as the pet owner is immeasurable. Your cat will look good, feel good, and be more active as well as being more comfortable with you and other family members. The first step in cat care is being sure that the…

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What Makes me Qualified to be a Member of the D47 Board of Education

I have been ridiculed, called a lunatic, slandered, and hated by people who don’t even know me.  I am getting a taste of what President Trump went through. It hurts. I’ll admit I cried, I reached out to my friends and I prayed.  I won’t know how it feels to have other’s do that to you for five years, like the former President.  A week was long enough for me. People say that I am not qualified to be on the Board of Education, just because I sell Avon.  They…

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Types of Cat Breeds

Siamese Cat

The cat breeds that you can keep in your home are many and they come in many different varieties. These breeds include the Abyssinian, Burmese, Havana brown, Japanese, Maine Coon, Manchester, Persian and the toy breeds. Each of these cats has their own specific traits that make them unique and which make them wonderful pets. The Abyssinian cat breed is perhaps one of the oldest known felines and was first bred in the US in the early nineteen hundreds. The Abyssinians have light-colored skin and a blue undercoat. They have…

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How to Get Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment That Works!

There are many different types of attention deficit disorder treatment that can be used for children. Medication can also be used; but it shouldn’t be the only  treatment for your child. If your child is easily distracted, impulsive, or hyperactive, it can take a great deal of effort to get him or her to sit still, listen, or finish a job. Finding a method that is effective for your child can be challenging, because most kids have trouble following rules and routines. One type of attention deficit disorder treatment that…

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Tips to Helping Kids With Special Needs

helping kids with special needs

Tips to Helping Kids With Special Needs   Kids with special needs can face a number of obstacles in their lives. Challenges include the need for more structured programs and instruction, as well as access to specialized equipment or medical attention. These obstacles can be difficult and even overwhelming for any child. The good news is that there are options available for parents and caregivers that are designed for helping kids with special needs feel less overwhelmed. One of the first steps to help kids with special needs feel less…

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Hair Pulling Disorder In Kids – Is Your Child Healthy Or Not?

hair pulling disorder

Many parents wonder if their children have a hair pulling disorder. If your child has a hair pulling disorder, you should know that this condition can be treated.   Hair pulling is usually caused by stress and tension in a child. Children who are afraid of losing their hair or being embarrassed because of their thin hair may pick on themselves or pull on their scalp. It can also be caused by being picked on or having their hair cut. This is common in boys and it can cause some…

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Great Children’s Books For Kids and Teens

children's books

Great Children’s Books For Kids and Teens   Children’s books are one of the best selling book types today. Literally thousands of different themed book lists exist – some on practical, educational topics, and others simply pure fun lists aimed at children. We’re happy to investigate new lists as long as you let us know where we can find them. And if you do not see your favorite list, let us know. The top kids’ books are all based around children’s favorite subjects, and often related topics such as animals,…

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