Pope Folds on Homosexuality

Pope Francis is today the leader of the Catholic Church, the head of a church that for hundreds of years has been a beacon of hope to so many around the world. At the start of his pontificate, on March 13th, Francis accepted the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and proclaimed the pontiff as “papal”. Two days later the beatification of Pope Francis was announced. This marks the beginning of his papacy.

Pope Francis

As the leader of a church he represents and acts as the shepherd of a flock that is guided by God’s love. His role is an important one and not just in Rome but to all the Churches worldwide. He travels the world visiting different Churches and delivers prayers at each one on a special day of the week. His role is a leadership role, he leads by example and we follow his example in every area of our lives.

The latest on the situation in the Middle East is that Egypt has dissolved the national parliament due to the formation of a new party made up of revolutionary groups. It is quite common for there to be a change of government in these situations but unfortunately it has happened this time. The Brotherhood, which is the largest party in the country has gained control of the whole government and placed interim leaders in order to hold together a divided country.

Francis has called for unity among all Egyptian people, which includes the politicians and the religious leaders. This is very important in light of radicalism taking over various areas of the world. The first message he sent to the Egyptian people was, “We are all brothers and sisters”. He also called for peace and for an end to violence. We need to pray for the cessation of violence in the country.

It should also be noted that the Vatican did not directly react to the events. The Holy See has remained silent as the world has openly supported the new government and the interim leader. The Pope spoke with the Egyptian President and afterwards had a meeting with the foreign ministers of that country. It is obvious that the Holy See is concerned about the current political situation in Egypt and is watching events very carefully.

If the current trends continue, then the future of the papacy will be threatened as there will be no one that can speak for him or his teachings. He is under threat from radicals who want to bring back the old regime. This is something that everyone has to concern themselves with at this time.

The US is a great country and its people are respected around the world. It is therefore essential that we show support for what the Pope is saying at this time and encourage his continued pontificate. There are some radical groups that are trying to stop the spread of democracy and they attack everything that they do not like. It is up to us to stand up to them and defend the ideals that the papacy teaches.

Everyone needs to speak out against these groups that hate the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. We need to be careful not to give them too much power or money. These radicals are always trying to gain power for their own selfish reasons and they are against all things that are traditional such as the Pope and Catholicism. Pope Francis will be remembered forever for standing up for what the church believes in and more importantly, for the children. He is a great man and we should follow his example. Consider this in 2021.

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