What Makes me Qualified to be a Member of the D47 Board of Education

I have been ridiculed, called a lunatic, slandered, and hated by people who don’t even know me.  I am getting a taste of what President Trump went through. It hurts. I’ll admit I cried, I reached out to my friends and I prayed.  I won’t know how it feels to have other’s do that to you for five years, like the former President.  A week was long enough for me. People say that I am not qualified to be on the Board of Education, just because I sell Avon.  They…

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Types of Cat Breeds

Siamese Cat

The cat breeds that you can keep in your home are many and they come in many different varieties. These breeds include the Abyssinian, Burmese, Havana brown, Japanese, Maine Coon, Manchester, Persian and the toy breeds. Each of these cats has their own specific traits that make them unique and which make them wonderful pets. The Abyssinian cat breed is perhaps one of the oldest known felines and was first bred in the US in the early nineteen hundreds. The Abyssinians have light-colored skin and a blue undercoat. They have…

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