The Best Pets for Kids With Autism

The Best Pets for Kids With Autism

Kids with autism are often prone to anxiety, whether from too much external stimuli or too many uncertainties in their lives. Thankfully, the right type of pet can help kids with autism relax. This guide will inform you about the best pets for kids with autism.


While some dogs may be loud and aggressive, there are many calm and friendly breeds as well, including poodles, beagles, golden retrievers, and German Shepherds. You might be wondering how a dog as big as a German Shepherd would make an appropriate pet for kids with autism. German Shepherds protect their owners, which can help kids feel less afraid if they become separated from their parents. Great Shepherds also make wonderful life-long companions.


Cats are very playful. They can motivate kids with autism to become more active. This is a positive thing, as kids with autism sometimes avoid playing with other kids their own age. Since cats enjoy playing with string and balls, kids with autism can learn how to have fun with these things as well. While this does not guarantee that your child will learn to play with other kids right away, it is a step in the right direction.


The best thing about bunnies is that they are very peaceful pets. However, they can be quite playful at the same time. Kids with autism may be intrigued by the way their bunnies hop around their cage. This can motivate kids to imitate the pet, thus exercising all their muscles in ways they would not with other pets. Bunnies can help children develop and enhance their motor skills as well.

Gerbils and Guinea Pigs

Because gerbils and guinea pigs will mainly remain in their cages, parents do not have to worry about their kids losing them or making a mess with them. Because they are very quiet, they make calm companions and amusing sources of entertainment for kids.


One symptom of autism is an extreme fascination or obsession with unique objects and creatures. While many people might think lizards are slimy and gross, some kids with autism are extremely intrigued by them. Some may even study lizards as a hobby. It is very important to encourage learning in your children, and lizards can be a source of great interest for kids with autism.


A turtle is another animal that will not explore your house. Kids with autism can simply enjoy watching their turtle play in its tank. This can serve as a distraction during times of stress. After watching a turtle for a long time at night, kids may eventually find it easier to fall asleep.


Like turtles, fish remain in a tank. They are fun to watch as they swim around. However, they require a little bit of extra care, which gives kids a sense of responsibility. It will also help kids understand compassion and empathy. Kids with autism will learn that just like humans, fish get sick and may need a bit of extra love and care sometimes.

Before you buy a pet, take your kid to a pet store. Perhaps your kid will feel a connection with an animal right away. Hopefully, now that you know some of the best pets for kids with autism, your next pet will become your kid’s best friend.

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