A Safe Place: 4 Ways to Make Society More Inclusive

A Safe Place: 4 Ways to Make Society More Inclusive

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With the world we live in, you might often wonder how we can make society more inclusive to people with any sort of disability. Whether it’s making the classroom a safer place for kids with Asperger’s syndrome or making communities more inclusive for people in wheelchairs, there are always ways our society can improve for the good of all people. While the list can go on and on for how best to transform our society into an “inclusivity first” mindset, below you’ll find just a few ways to make society more inclusive. See if you can implement them into your own life!

Utilize Tech that Helps All

Technology has taken over the majority of people’s lives. Though some technology is limiting because of how often it’s used (especially for kids), technology also has the power to bring us all together. Because of innovation, technology has improved disabled caregiving by giving people with disabilities more independence. That same technology can help make our society more inclusive if more people use it and understand it. Technology has the ability to help people feel safer—if someone can’t leave their home, they can still get the medical help they need.

An inclusive society understands that people don’t have all of the same opportunities yet helps them accomplish their needs anyway.

Increase Disability Representation

Representation is one of the biggest ways to make society more inclusive. When our children start seeing kids who look like them, act like them, and have the same struggles as them, then we’re on the path to a more inclusive society. But it’s not just about actors on TV; it’s people in places of power, people in businesses, and people in jobs all around the world. When people see those similar to them—whether wheelchair-bound, with OCD, or suffering from depression or anxiety—they also see themselves. The more they’re seen, and the more they’re respected, the more inclusive our society becomes.

Create Inclusive Classrooms

Now, our kids may not be in their classrooms, but we can still use this advice in the future! Inclusive classrooms pull from that same idea of disability representation. When a kid knows that their thoughts, actions, movements, and general being are respected in the classroom, then we’ll start building an inclusive society. If we can bring the history of disabled individuals and mental health into the classroom, that’s a big step. If our playgrounds can include more variety for people with autism or people in wheelchairs, then that’s another step. Classrooms say a lot about the inclusivity shown in society.

Recognize the Humanity of All

This may not be a tangible way to make a change, but it’s an important perspective shift everyone must have in order to build an inclusive society. Every human deserves quality and fair treatment, regardless of disability, mental health, skin color, gender, etc. The sooner everyone recognizes that and treats others with kindness and respect, the better for everyone.

Again, these are just a few ways we can make society more inclusive. When we as individuals try to bring some of these into our own lives, we can see changes in our own communities!

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