Florida Vacation Part Four

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I am finally caught up! Yes it is Wednesday night and I am going to remember the events of, drum roll please…today!  Our vacation is going by way too quickly, but the kids are having a good time and we are creating lasting memories.

This morning Chris decided to skip the pool because the kids didn’t care for it too much yesterday. We headed out to the island bright and early around 9:30.  When we got to my parent’s resort they were not there, so we decided to go for a morning walk along the beach and look for seashells.

We found lots of pieces of sand dollars, some snail like shells, and other pretty seashells.  The kids filled their buckets with their treasures.  While on our walk we also came across a dead shark, that had washed up on the beach.  The best part of our morning walk was seeing a pod of dolphins splashing in the ocean close to shore.  They were jumping out of the water and putting on a show for us. I tried to get some photos of the dolphins, but with the bright sun it was difficult to see the screen on my camera.

I think this is some kind of crane.


Walking along the beach looking for shells.

Goose and Kitty


The dolphins are just to the left and in front  of the fisherman. 

After our walk we went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment in their resort and had lunch. Then it was off to play on the beach and in the ocean once again.

Today, the waves were a lot calmer and the breeze was cool. Although, the high temperature reached about 83 degrees.  This sure beats the 35 degrees back in Chicago!

Once again we saw more dolphins playing in the ocean. This time they were met by a bunch of people on jet skis. Dolphins must be friendly because they were letting the people reach down and touch them.  Chris said that maybe someday if we come down here again we should rent jet skis.

Once we were tired of the beach we went inside and got dressed and cleaned up. Kitty played a couple of songs on her guitar for us and then we got ready to go out to dinner.

We ate at this barbeque place called Mr. Bones.  They have strange masks on the walls and a huge sign that says that they don’t have salt, ketchup, pepper etc on the tables because..I can’t remember, I should have taken a photo of that sign. Anyway, they have the best barbeque on the island. I ordered pulled pork, with baked beans, rice and yams.

At Mr. Bones

After dinner we got on the trolly and rode all the way to the other side of the island to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa.  They took us out for ice cream at a shop called Two Scoops.  Getting ice cream was the perfect ending to a fun, hot and sunny day.

More dolphins. This time they were just outside of the ice cream shop.



Little Bear

Little Bear

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