Arizona Vacation Part Three

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Yesterday we toured downtown Phoenix.  I was delighted when I saw all the beautiful displays marking major events in U.S history.  The people of Phoenix are proud to be Americans and proud of their history and heritage.  Arizona became a state in 1912. In 2012 they celebrated their centennial.

Because today is our last day in Phoenix and I need time to pack up before we head to the Grand Canyon, I am just going to share some of our photos from yesterday.  I will try my best to explain as many as I can in the captions or in a brief paragraph.  Enjoy!

Enduring Freedom Memorial

The Signal Mast from the U.S.S. Arizona

The U.S.S. Arizona was destroyed at Pearl Harbor

More information about the U.S.S. Arizona

Memorial to all the sailors that were killed aboard the U.S.S. Arizona. All their names are listed behind Little Bear.

From the U.S.S. Arizona

Another view of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.

We had a picnic lunch in Phoenix

I don’t remember who this is.

They even had the Ten Commandments displayed! I was super impressed with this.

Arizona Workers Memorial

I was excited to see the Bill of Rights displayed!

Our last day at the pool. We made sure it was a good one! Yesterday the temperature reached 95 degrees, so it was the warmest day we had.

This is ducky. Ducky is Bear’s best friend. If you throw ducky in the water you better save him!

Monkey changed his name to Youkiy yesterday. 

Today we are leaving the hotel at 10 this morning and heading to the Grand Canyon.  More adventure awaits for the Talbert Zoo!

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