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I just commented on a bunch of blogs so I felt compelled to write a little something this morning. But I have a pile of dishes calling my name so I must make this brief.

This week started out with piles and piles of snow and cold temperatures but today all the snow is gone. We had a sneak peak at spring yesterday.  Bear and Monkey played outside in the mud puddles and melting snow in the afternoon.

They had a lot of fun enjoying the warmer temperatures. But after about 20 minutes of splashing around Bear got a little ferocious and cranky. He was cold, tired and wet from the puddles.

Chris and I got new cell phones for Christmas and about a month ago Kitty downloaded a bunch of games onto my phone.  She loves playing with my phone and often sneaks it without my permission.  Last night she decided to send her sister and dad a couple of text messages with my phone.  My phone has a predictive text feature. All you need to do is type one letter and it will give you a list of words to use.  Here is one of the texts Kitty sent Chris.

I can’t read it without laughing hysterically. 
After school today Kitty and Parrot are participating in Jump Rope for Heart sponsored by the American Heart Association.  They just wanted to join in on this because they thought it would be fun.  We were also supposed to go around the neighborhood asking for donations. Chris and I hate fund raisers and we are terrible at them.  Fortunately the fine print on the Jump Rope for Heart said that all they needed was a $5.00 donation to participate.  So we donated $10 to the American Heart Association.  I remember doing Jump Rope for Heart when I was a kid so I am super excited for my two kiddos.  Did you ever participate in a jump rope fund raiser when you were a kid?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I don’t remember the last time I celebrated that holiday.  It was probably when I was a kid and passed out Valentine’s to my classmates in elementary school.  I swear I’ve had my fill of reading Valentine’s Day blog posts this week.  I think every single blog that I have visited had some kind of Valentine’s Day post.  Is it too late for me to jump in the band wagon?  Maybe I should just put Valentine’s Day in my title.  To this day I don’t know what my hang up is on the Valentine’s Day holiday.  I just never really got into it.  Maybe I should surprise my husband with a card this year.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, what do you do for the holiday?

To all my loyal readers:
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this blog and leave me a comment.  It means so much to me that I have online friends and fans.  If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I live far, far away from my friends and family.  My parents and brothers are out in Wisconsin and Illinois. Chris’s family lives out in Sacramento, California.  As a stay at home mom I feel very isolated and have had a hard time making real friends out here in Spokane.  So my online friendships mean a lot to me.  I promise I will reply to every single comment and visit your blog either this afternoon or tomorrow.  

Cascia Talbert is a Catholic mother of five special needs kids. In 2018 she published the book, "Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-Being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold. She is also a professional flutist and an Avon Independent Sales Representative. You can learn more about Cascia on the following websites, and She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, children and Baby, the playful black kitty.

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